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Disability protections includes requests for reasonable accommodations and reasonable modifications.


Fair housing includes federal, state and local protections.


Know your rights and responsibilities within fair housing.


Be involved with fair housing and social justice as a tester.


Attend for the first-time or as a refresher a fair housing training or workshop.


The impact of the COVID-19 virus includes xenophobia and racism.

Recognize the difference between legitimate health and safety concerns from discrimination.
Asians and Asian-Americans within the United States are not inherently at a high risk of having the virus.



FHP is committed to advocating on behalf of victims of housing discrimination. Check out FHP’s Stories of Fair Housing to see your neighbors who the fair housing laws help.



The Fair Housing Partnership enforces fair housing rights through advocacy and education. To support our mission of ensuring that western Pennsylvanians have housing choice, please consider making a monetary donation online.



We celebrate Juneteenth, June 19, 1865, in recognition that slaves in the United States were not freed upon the passage of the Emancipation Proclamation 1863.

June’s celebration as Pride month is now marked in 2020 by Bostock v. Clayton County, a Supreme Court decision upholding that employment discrimination protections on the basis of Sex includes Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

For over a week now, I have struggled to find the words. It has been crushing to see yet another Black man killed before my eyes. As we all try to make sense of the senseless, we at the Fair Housing Partnership wish to convey one message. We see you; we hear you; we are you.

FHP congratulates The Housing Equality Center of Pennsylvania in eastern Pennsylvania @HUDMidAtlantic for the recent conciliation of its fair housing complaint based on denied reasonable accommodations that recently conciliated. Brittany Springs Associates, LLC and

"'I was freaked out,” the tenant said. 'I put weights in front of my door to make sure he doesn’t come back.'"

The Fair Housing Act protects against sexual harassment by your housing provider. Amidst lost income due to the pandemic, tenants are reporting sexual harassment when

We're proud to announce that the City of Pittsburgh passed Citizenship and Preferred Language as Protected Classes for housing and public accommodation! In the midst of a pandemic, it's more important than ever to protect each other.

Allegheny County has extended the judicial emergency to June 1, 2020.

Residential tenant evictions are on hold until that time.

Affordable apartments under construction in an affluent municipality in Colorado were destroyed by arsonists after years of local residents protested the multifamily housing.

“Am I the only one feeling like they’re ready to throw us out?”

About 80% of those with COVID-19 who pass away are older adults. And so, age and disability discrimination can be a determination of life or death. Remember, housing providers must make decisions, such as whether

During these times of uncertainty, many parts of our lives are being disrupted and we’re highlighting the collateral damage of the COVID-19 pandemic. Training centers for service animals have suspended operations including “dog days” because of the handoff of a trained service

While the COVID-19 pandemic worsens preexisting inequities, the @CityPGH led by @erikastrassbrgr proposed a new bill that adds the Protected Classes of Citizenship Status and English as a Second Language. FHP, as the City and region’s full-service qualified Fair Housing

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fair Housing doesn’t stop! On March 25 @HUDgov awarded $40 million to FHP and fair housing initiative programs across the country. On April 20 HUD awarded $1.5 million for COVID-19 related Fair Housing activities in partnership funds to

Remember that April is Fair Housing month. In 2020, the Fair Housing movement is highlighting sexual harassment in housing. The incomparable Suzzane @suzzannedouglas hosted the Safe At Home podcast https://safeathome.buzzsprout.com/ that featured 3 courageous women sharing their

Racial profiling continues threatening the health of Black America.

“We have a lot of examples of the presumed criminality of black men in general,” Logan, [an economics professor at Ohio State University] who is black, told CNN.

In Milwaukee County, WI almost 50% of residents with COVID-19 are Black as well as 81% of the COVID-19 deaths in a county with a 26% Black population.

It's #SpotlightSunday! During #fairhousingmonth, we recognize partners who work tirelessly for housing equity in #Pittsburgh. Since 1984, @FHPPgh constantly advocates for housing rights. Check out their new website for resident and provider resources!

Today we celebrate our beloved colleague, @kwong__ . Although we are social distancing, we decided to come together for one final get together as FHP staff. For the last two years, Kirsten served as a Public Ally and intake specialist for our organization.

Remember that the World Health Organization (WHO) issued guidelines in 2015 that while naming diseases, institutions should avoid using references to names of countries. Names based on locations negatively impact specific groups of people, as we are seeing with violent acts

“Stable housing is part of the foundation we need as a Commonwealth to fully recover.”
-Pennsylvania State Attorney General Josh Shapiro

In these times of uncertainty, we would like to notify the Pittsburgh, PA and western PA public that tenants cannot be evicted during the

In these uncertain times, we are happy to announce good news, the launch of FHP’s new website at http://fhp.org! We have a new layout and design for reporting housing discrimination. Submit inquiries online and we’ll follow up with you.

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