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Disability protections includes requests for reasonable accommodations and reasonable modifications.


Fair housing includes federal, state and local protections.


Know your rights and responsibilities within fair housing.


Be involved with fair housing and social justice as a tester.


Attend for the first-time or as a refresher a fair housing training or workshop.


The impact of the COVID-19 virus includes xenophobia and racism.

Recognize the difference between legitimate health and safety concerns from discrimination.
Asians and Asian-Americans within the United States are not inherently at a high risk of having the virus.



FHP is committed to advocating on behalf of victims of housing discrimination. Check out FHP’s Stories of Fair Housing to see your neighbors who the fair housing laws help.



The Fair Housing Partnership enforces fair housing rights through advocacy and education. To support our mission of ensuring that western Pennsylvanians have housing choice, please consider making a monetary donation online.



A disabled resident of the Dallas Housing Authority is receiving $500,000 due to a #FairHousing settlement negotiated by @FHEO_HQ.

The resident’s limited mobility forced her to crawl on the stairs to access her 2nd floor apartment when she was not transferred to the 1st floor.

Nathan Dykgraaf, the owner and manager of an RV park in #FL, and @FHEO_HQ have reached a settlement that includes a $45,000 payment to address the acts of housing discrimination that forced a transgender woman from her home. #FairHousingLGBT

On average US cities are 56.6% white and rural areas are 83.5% white.

@Pittsburgh #PA is 84.9% white and is by far the largest US metro that is the least diverse.

Comparably, the Philadelphia metro is 61% white.

Know during your housing search that familial status is a protected class.

Added deposits and fees can’t be charged for minor aged children.

Occupancy should be based on the unit’s square footage, not per person.

Report housing discrimination: https://fhp.org/take-action/report-discrimination/

Dormitories are housing.

Under the Fair Housing Act, college students with a mental health disability can request a reasonable accommodation request to allow an emotional support animal in their dorm. #FairHousingESA

For help, contact us at https://fhp.org/take-action/report-discrimination/

FHP is proud to announce a design and construction settlement valued at $7.1 million in partnership with 11 fair housing organizations that will result in accessibility retrofits to 50 senior apartment buildings.

8 properties are in western and northwestern Pennsylvania.

Alex Raimos, a #LongIsland #NY landlord, is charged with housing discrimination by @HUDgov for refusing to rent to a mother and her daughter who has cerebral palsy and ordered to pay $70,641 in damages and a civil penalty. #FairHousing

Nathan Dykgraaf, owner and manager of 21 Palms RV Resort Park in #Davenport #FL is charged by @FHEO_HQ with discriminating against woman who is transgender based on her gender identity.

After the tenant began living publicly as a woman, Mr. Dykgraaf wrote her a letter stating:

One appraiser saw Shirley’s masks and drums. The other saw the same East Liberty house with all indications of Black ownership removed. Their appraisals came out $36,000 apart. The new @FHPPgh complaint adds to a national discussion of appraisal fairness. https://www.publicsource.org/unbalanced-pittsburgh-appraisal-bias-fair-housing-partnership-complaint-hud/

FHP has filed fair housing complaints at @FHEO_HQ alleging racial discrimination in the appraisal of a home in East Liberty within @Pittsburgh. Shirley Salmon-Davis, a Black women who owned the home, had her house appraised twice. #FairHousingAppraisals

Harrison Kinnane Smith’s art Sed Valorem art exhibit at the @mattressfactory within “making home here” show runs until April 10.

The exhibit explores how Black-owned homes are disproportionately overvalued for taxation and undervalued for accumulating personal wealth.

Fair Housing Lawsuit Filed Alleging Disability Discrimination Against 38 Properties Nationwide. Learn more at: https://www.fhcci.org/news/

Melody Taylor, now known as the Executive Director of #PAVE but known to us as the previous Regional Director of @HUDMidAtlantic, recently testified to the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs about the #PAVEActionPlan. #HUDR3

In Maryland, Prince George’s County has 64.4% Black alone population compared to 20.1% in the neighboring Montgomery County.

Jacqulyn Priestly and her husband spent $1.68 million building a home in PG County and their home was later appraised for $1.3 million. #AppraisalBias

The Interagency Task Force on Property Appraisal and Valuation Equity (PAVE) Action Plan at @HUDgov announced an extraordinary effort to remove racial bias from home appraisals that deducts intergenerational wealth for Black and Latino homeowners. #FairHousing

Mozart Management is proposing a high-rise apartment complex at the intersection of South Aiken Ave and Claybourne St, across the street from UPMC Shadyside. 

FHP advocates for @Pittsburgh to ensure that the complex has affordable units and unit sizes of 2+ bedrooms. #AFFH

Last week Mayor @gainey_ed and Walnut Capital announced changes to the planned Oakland Crossings development.

Proposed is that 10% of the multifamily residential units will be affordable to households at 50% Area Median Income (AMI) which for a family of 4 is about $42,400.

The City of @Pittsburgh announced that its rental registry begins on May 29, 2022 and that rental properties have until December 31, 2022 to register.

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