Stories of Fair Housing

Tina & a “One Strike” Policy

“If it wasn’t for FHP, I would be out on the street. Fair Housing is like my family,” Tina.

Tina’s life was upended when she came home to an eviction notice due to because of a “One Strike” policy. Tina lived in the house with her adult son and two minor aged grandchildren. A couple of weeks prior, Tina’s adult son was arrested and incarcerated. The eviction notice directed Moon and her grandchildren to move out within 30 days due to her adult son’s arrest. The “One Strike” policy permitted her landlord, a public housing authority, to evict the entire household based on the alleged criminal activity of one family member.

FHP advocated on behalf of Tina and her family by challenging the “One Strike” policy because it disproportionately impacted tenants based on Race, National Origin and Familial Status. For more information about “One Strike” policies within PHAs see the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Notice PIH 2015-19 entitled, Guidance for Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) and Owners of Federally-Assisted Housing on Excluding the Use of Arrest Records in Housing Decisions.

Check back for more testimonies from our clients as they share their experiences of housing discrimination.

The COVID-19 Housing Stabilization Fund is designed to provide short-term assistance to workers who have experienced a reduction in hours and are facing a financial hardship to pay rent and utilities.

The Pennsylvania Utility Commission issued an emergency order prohibiting terminations of electric, natural gas, water, wastewater, telecommunication and steam that’ll remain in place as long as the Proclamation of Disaster in PA is in place.

If you are a survivor or victim of domestic violence, you can still obtain a Protection from Abuse order and seek out services and shelter including the Women's Center of Greater Pittsburgh, Bethlehem Haven, and Center for Victims. @wcspittsburgh @BethlehemHaven @Center4Victims

Good afternoon to our Pittsburgh community. As we awaken to a new day we wish everyone the best of health. To that end, FHP is suspending all in-person meetings until further notice and all staff will be teleworking during this time. While our physical office will not be open

The Court of Common Pleas’ President Judge Kim Berkeley Clark has placed an indefinite hold on all evictions across Allegheny county, as well as suspending other court functions. A landlord cannot evict you or file an order for possession through April 14.

We are all concerned over coronavirus and we wish everyone the best of health. During this time we cannot lose sight of the key issues that will affect us as we move forward through this pandemic. To that point, we need to ensure our voices are heard regarding the proposed

An exciting campaign is about to launch in the Homewood community. This campaign aims to celebrate the rich history and cultural gems including murals, documentaries, banners along the main business corridor and continual discussions with community members on how to keep their

Happy International Women’s Day. Since our office is mostly women, we understand the value women hold. Today we celebrate their dedication and strength in being exceptional humans, who push our mission forward. Thank you to all our supporters, particularly women today.

At FHP, Black History Month continues every month. FHP recognizes @Dollar_Bank ​ for creating and preserving Black wealth. In 2013, Dollar Bank issued 82 mortgage loans to African-Americans in Allegheny County with $7 billion in assets. Conversely, PNC Bank had $335 billion in

“Still, the bigger, more expressive gestures associated with Black ASL can cause confusion. Franklin Jones, an African American lecturer in the Department of ASL and Deaf Studies, said his signing sometimes made white students think he was angry.

‘I had to explain,’ he said.

Today we are honoring Marsha P. Johnson’s legacy, known for her contributions in the LGBTQ movement, the arts, and the drag community.

Throughout her life, Marsha was known for her buoyant personality and unique style. Marsha didn’t just make fashion trends, but also political

Today, we are honoring the legacy of Ida B. Wells, known for her contributions as a prominent journalist, educator, and activist in the civil rights movement. As a journalist in Memphis, she investigated and reported the brutal conditions Black communities faced as well as shed

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