The Fair Housing Partnership of Greater Pittsburgh conducted a joint fair housing investigation of Clover Group Inc and its subsidiaries with CNY Fair Housing of Syracuse, NY; the Fair Housing Center for Rights & Research of Cleveland; Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Buffalo; and Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Greater Cincinnati based on housing discrimination against disabled tenants. Most of Clover Group’s rental properties are senior housing.

The joint investigation spanned New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio identifying denied reasonable accommodation requests and a pricing scheme that targeted seniors with disabilities by charging higher fees for disability-related needs such as unit location.

In Pennsylvania, FHP investigated senior apartment complexes in Allegheny County, Erie County, and Lackawanna County. “Pennsylvania’s elderly population is amongst the highest in the United States and amongst disabilities, limited mobility is the most common physical disability. Up-charging unit locations and locking-in residents by disallowing accessible parking is not only cruel but is housing discrimination against seniors with limited mobility. Pennsylvania’s seniors deserve better,” said Megan Confer-Hammond, the Executive Director of the Fair Housing Partnership of Greater Pittsburgh.

Read the press release here: Clover et al. Press Release