Historias Sobre Acceso Igualitario a la Vivienda

Tina y una política de desalojo ante un solo hecho delictivo

“Si no fuera por FHP, estaría en la calle.  Son como mi familia”. —Tina.

La vida de Tina dio un vuelco cuando, de regreso a su hogar, se encontró con un aviso de desalojo fundamentado en la aplicación de una política de desalojo ante un solo hecho delictivo. Tina vivía allí con su hijo mayor de edad y sus dos nietos menores. Un par de semanas antes, el hijo de Tina había sido detenido y apresado. De acuerdo con el aviso de desalojo, Moon y sus nietos debían abandonar la vivienda dentro de los 30 días debido a la detención de su hijo mayor. Esta política facultaba a su locador, en su carácter de autoridad de vivienda pública, al desahucio de la familia entera sobre la base de la presunta actividad delictiva de uno de sus integrantes.

FHP abogó por los derechos de Tina y su familia mediante la impugnación de dicha política dado su desproporcional impacto para los inquilinos sobre la base de su raza, nacionalidad y condición familiar. A fin de obtener más información acerca de las políticas de desalojo ante un hecho delictivo implementadas por las agencias de vivienda pública (PHA, por su sigla en inglés), consulte la Notificación PIH 2015-19 del Departamento de Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano titulada Orientación para las Agencias de Vivienda Pública (PHA) y propietarios de viviendas que cuentan con asistencia federal sobre la exclusión del uso de antecedentes de detención en la toma de decisiones relativas a cuestiones de vivienda.

Vuelva a consultar más testimonios de nuestros clientes que comparten sus experiencias de discriminación en el acceso a la vivienda.

“I was looking for a better neighborhood than where I was coming from and a good school zone for my children. When my voucher was about to expire, I said ‘I’ll settle.’”

Shantae Brown of Norfolk, Virginia

“Housing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity demands urgent enforcement action”
said Jeanine M. Worden, the Acting Assistant Secretary of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity.

“While we can never fully repair the damage done, as inequities in one generation compound in the next, we must break the cycle by making intentional investments in communities most impacted by those harms.”

Black tenants are being disproportionately evicted during the pandemic as reported by @evictionlab accounting for 35% of evictions but 12.8% of the United States’ population.

HUD Secretary-Designate Marcia Fudge: Ensuring that our fair housing rules are doing what they are supposed to do: opening the door for families, especially families of color who have been systematically kept out in the cold across generations, to buy homes.

Despite the Fair Housing Act becoming law in 1968 “access to housing and the creation of wealth through homeownership have remained persistently unequal in the United States.”

@POTUS memo to @HUDgov affirms that enforcement does not change hearts but it does change behavior.

"When we lift each other up, we're all lifted up... when any one of us is held down, we're all held back"

Today @POTUS ordered @HUDgov to address historical racial inequities in federal housing policy.

@FHPPgh is ready to advance #FairHousing enforcement with @HUDMidAtlantic

Lorenzo and Gwen Mitchell are an interracial family who are homeowners in Denver, CO. Lorenzo is Black and Gwen is white. They obtained two separate home appraisals of $405,000 and $550,000.

The difference?

Whether Lorenzo or Gwen was home with the appraiser.

“Last night America was shocked by a senseless act of violence…When the Nation so urgently needs the healing balm of unity, a brutal wound on our conscience forces upon us all this question: What more can I do to achieve brotherhood and equality among all Americans?”

In celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today we remember his commitment.

In 1966, the Fair Housing Act was introduced to Congress in large part due to Dr. King.

In 1968, the Fair Housing Act was passed into law in a direct response to Dr. King’s assassination.

An estimated 15% of #PA renters will face eviction in January 2021 as reported by @char_keith of @SpotlightPA.

Remember renters are disproportionately Black, Latino, people with disabilities, households with children, and other Protected Classes based on gaps in homeownership.

In 1937 the federal Home Owners' Loan Corporation classified the Hill District as "Hazardous" because of a "Concentration of negro and undesirables."

As a result, the Hill District received NO residential mortgages, construction or renovation.

The Daily Show@TheDailyShow

Why is the home ownership gap worse for Black Americans now than it was during segregation?

If you don’t know, now you know:

The US Department of Transportation recently defined that on airlines that service animals are defined as a dog, with no breed or type restrictions that are trained to perform a task for a person with a disability.

The data is indisputable. Western @PennsylvaniaGov is racially segregated.

In 1933, at least 46 Black Pennsylvanians in Industry were beaten, extorted, kidnapped, and deported by police led by Beaver County. The Black Pennsylvanians were new residents from other states.

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.@PennsylvaniaGov landlords are not required to show their expertise of PA’s Landlord and Tenant Act of 1951 or fair housing laws.

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